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We are students of one of the universities in Indonesia, Jenderal Soedirman University, Purwokerto. We follow this program as volunteers to fill our holiday break semester so that it can be more productive and meaningful. We know this program from one of the organizations in our university. After finding out about and discuss with each other, the five of us decided to join the program. In addition to filling the holidays, with purpose this program will provides valuable experience and useful lessons for us in the future.

We came to Thailand on January 29, 2017, using a airplane from Jakarta to Bangkok. Previously, we plan to holiday in Bangkok before we start this program as a volunteer. Finally, on January 31, 2017, we headed to the Hat Yai using airplane from Bangkok. At Hat Yai International Airport, we’ve been waiting for more friends from different countries are also joining this program. We know each other, they exchanged information about the culture of each country.

Next, we headed the Work camp in Non-formal Education, Songkhla. After that, we were given information about the program. Here we and other volunteers from various countries became closer, more information we got and also open our horizons to the outside world.

In this Work camp, we stayed for three days. Next, we had to split with other friends. Because our program different from the others, we headed Chana, one district in Songkhla province. We were picked up by our host family on February 3, 2017, and then we headed to the school which will be the venue for the program that we teach. After that, we were escorted to the dorm where we stayed during the program. In the weekends, we try to spend our time to explore famous places in Thailand such as Samila Beach, ASEAN Night Market, Krabi, Central Festival Hat Yai, Phi Phi Islands, Phattalum, etc. And happily the host family always helpful when we need anything.

On February 6, 2017, we were picked up by the host family to the office to begin the first day of the program. We split into two teams, the first team teaching in Ban Nam Kiem, and the second team teaching in Ban Bo Namsom. Both are primary schools, we are pleased to see students there, they were very pleasant, and also teachers and school staff are very friendly welcome us.

In school, we teach English from grade 1 to grade 6, with different methods and materials every day. For example: for grade 1 to grade 3 we use the method of learning through visual channels, such as videos and pictures of interest. For grade 4 to grade 6 using other methods, as well as materials of a higher order. At the time of teaching, we were interspersed with music, games, and also sang English songs. We emphasize that children in elementary school are interested in learning English and we do not just provide the materials, but also how we should love and give love to the students.

Before the school end, we usually spare our time to play with the students, such as playing football, badminton, etc. There is also an English Camp, where the entire class and also the teachers and staff gathered in a hall to study English with us. It was fun and we love it. A lot…

Thank you for unforgettable memories,


  • Abiyyu Dzaky Wicaksono
  • Eko Fajar Sulaiman
  • Faris Adilah
  • Nadya Rahmalia Puteri
  • Resa Pide Septiyani


Pelindung                                : Dekan FEB Unsoed

Dr. Pramono Hari Adi, MMS

Penasehat                                :Wakil Dekan Bidang Kemahasiswaan dan Alumni FEB Unsoed

Dr. Ade Banani, MMS

Kajur Akuntansi

Dr. Christina Tri Setyorini, M.Si., Ak.

Penanggung Jawab                 : Ketua HMJA

Muhamad Wisnu Kusuma Wiguna

Kepala Bidang 5

Hary Prabowo

Redaktur Pelaksana                : Nisrina Nur Salsabila

Reporter                                              : Muhammad Jodi Ramadhan, Nisrina Nur Salsabila

Layouter                                              : Nisrina Nur Salsabila


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