Hello, fellas. I’m Sasta Anindia from International Accounting 2012. Now I’m on my 7th semester of my study in this university. I want to share my experience with you guys.

Go abroad, moreover to continue your study, is maybe all of everyone’s dream, including me. I got a chance to make that happen. Last year, I joined an exchange student program to Hebei University of China, which is provided by International Program of Economics and Business Faculty of Jenderal Soedirman University. After passed some requirements and competed with a dozen of students, finally I was chosen to be one of the delegates.

Study in another country maybe sounds fun. Although I have to admit that yes, it was. But, behind that interesting story, there were many unexpected things. One of the biggest obstacle was language. As you know, China is not using English (moreover Indonesian :p) as their language, but they are using Mandarin to communicate. It was a big trouble for me, because I never learn Mandarin before. I have to struggled to learn Mandarin in order to survive there, because many Chinese could not speak English. It became harder when I found that I have to joined Chinese students classes aswell and blended with them. But, as time went by, I could adjust with that, because practice my Mandarin directly with Chinese made me could learn fastly.

Accounting in China is not so different with accounting in Indonesia, although they have different system. For example the taxation system. The taxation in China is quite similar with Indonesia. For example, China have Individual Income Tax, Real Estate and Property Tax, Value-added Tax, etc. Indonesia also has those taxes, right? The different is only in the form of tarriffs. For example; the Individual Income Tax in China has progressive rate range from 3-45%, while Indonesia has progressive rate range from 5-30%.

I got many things during one year in China. So many precious experiences and lessons I have gotten. The knowledge from studying Accounting and Mandarin, the friendship with Chinese and foreign friends, the familiarity with other Indonesian students. I would do anything to be able to return to that time!