Gilang Moehammad Nugraha

September 11th, 1992

Future is different with present, you need to suit yourselves with targeted future.


Entering university stage must be different  with highscool, some of students might shock with the change, some of them might enjoy since the first time. Eventually, you will enjoy your phase as university student and miss all the moment so much once you are graduated. That what actually happened to me. I was graduated on September 2015, I remember the first time I stepped-up my life to university stage was on September  2011. However to have beautiful memories, we can’t just become ordinary student which only study everyday. Everyone who has graduated must be agree that organization life help us to create those beautiful memories. Either with achievement, committee experience, or as organizer. Those memories, not only stay in our mind, it help us grow as a person.

I was introvert one when I stepped-up my life to university, I’m from Tasikmalaya which has different culture with Purwokerto. I had no interest become sociable person at the first time, I wanted to focus on academic only. Things changed, when I joined HMJA and other Familiarity Night (MAKRAB), all senior explained why we need to be active as university student. I realized that to be a great student we are not only need hard skill or good in academic. We need to have softskill as our value added. To go out from our comfort zone is not an easy way. We  need to have a willingness as a first step. Willingness to change our path.

I decided to join organization and committee to encourage me to be active as student. Joining organization gave me courage to go out from my comfort zone and knowing myself better. In the process of committee or organization, you will find valuable experience. How you get to know other people who’s not expected close to you before, you get to know how to work as a team and how communication build among us. Those valuable experience will not be gotten from class, it comes from your experience. At the end, those experience in organization is my way to achieve my dream

I always have a dream to go overseas, I want to be a CEO & global citizen where the mobilization is boarderless. When I was in highschool, I read a novel of “Ranah 3 Warna” by Ahmad Fuadi. He tells his story and experience how he got to Canada. I was really inspired by his story, this moment turned to be my will to go there. Short story, I got the chance to go in the same program like Ahmad Fuadi did in his novel. That was life changing experience and grateful moment, fully funded program to go overseas, work with canadian and experience the snow for the first time. I have to be thankful for my organization and committee experience that help me through the process to achieve that.

In globalization, competition is really tight. High pressure. We have to find our value added to be recognized. Those need that push me to be passionate on my dreams. Having a dream is a must. That help us to decide who we really want to be in the future. However, to achieve that we need courage and commitment. Albert Einsten said, “Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts”. Set the goal as highest as possible and put a commitment on that. Give yourselves a courage to face every possible things happen. Always remain that if you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place. Therefore you have to fight for those dreams. (Bidang 5 Jurnalistik)